Follow Katie Rose (From The Wally Show) As She Loses Weight With HCG!

Follow Katie Rose (From The Wally Show) As She Loses Weight With HCG!

Follow Katie Rose as she loses weight on the HCG diet!

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Let me Introduce Myself

I’m Katie Rose. I am on The Wally Show in the mornings on Way FM. Growing up I was a little bit of a chunky kid. Even in high school I could have afforded to lose 5 lbs even though I was pretty active.  I have always felt comfortable in my skin and have honestly never really wanted to put forth the effort to drop the extra weight.

A couple years ago I packed on a bunch of weight and I have been slowly trying to get it off for the past 3 years.  I gained about 35 lbs and that was on top of the 5 that I could already have afforded to lose.  I have lost 20lbs of it.  I have been sort of stuck. 

After 3 years, I am getting a bit tired of always trying to lose weight and always being conscious of what I eat (which pretty much means I am been living in guilt). I need something to jump start me and get me back on track. I need some motivation. I am hoping this is it. I am a little worried.  I Love food! I love cooking, eating, the whole thing. We’ll see how this goes. 


My First Appointment

I met with HCG for the first time today and I am really excited to start. I had researched HCG quite a bit to make sure that I knew what I was getting myself into, but they told me even more about it and was able to answer my questions, which was great because I was starting to get a little worried. Some of my friends and family were skeptical; especially when I told them about the shots and that I would be eating such a low number of calories.  They explained to me how the HCG works and the reason for the diet. It honestly just made sense. Then, They took my before pictures. I thought about sucking it in but then thought, what’s the point.

They went over the food with me.  It was neat to hear her story since she has and is doing HCG too. Even to hear how she makes the food more fun.  The food is better and yet harder than I thought. It is really strict on what I can eat but I can have this salad dressing and spices which makes the cook in me excited to see what I can do.

They took my measurements.  I was a little nervous to face the music and see what my measurements and weight were but it wasn’t’ as bad as I thought or at least they didn’t make me feel bad. I was glad to find out things like my arms are the same size :) so that is good.  They gave me some more information to look through, a grocery shopping list, a food journal and my first round of shots. Here we go.


It Starts

The day is finally here to start HCG. And to be honest, I am SO GLAD it is. So how this works is, I started taking the shots today but I have two days to let the HCG build up in my system before I start the diet part. They told me to eat whatever I want and to gorge these two days and that it will help me get through the diet part.

I took the first shot today. I stood there in the bathroom for a long while looking at my belly and the shot, trying to psyche myself up to do it. I felt like a little kid again, trying to work up the nerve to take nasty tasting cold medicine. Once I did it I actually didn’t feel it at all. Really! The needle is SO thin. I didn’t feel the prick but could feel a VERY little tension or something when the medicine went in. I think that is because I shot it in too fast. 

I thought I would really enjoy the “eat whatever you want” days but I have been eating badly for a month using that fact that I was going to start HCG as an excuse so I am sort of sick of bad food, wearing my “fat” clothes, and feeling sluggish. Let’s just say my pants are starting to get a little tight and sitting in them is NOT comfortable.  And I can tell a difference in my self confidence.

I am actually bumming today. We made this video for the show and I was so excited about it but when it was done all I could do was stair at my stomach, thinking, “Holy cow, does my stomach really look like that.”  I was actually really embarrassed.  I really am ready to do this. I have always had a little weight that I could afford to lose and I have fat and skinny days like everyone else but I have never felt ashamed of my body like I did today.  It is go time.


Last day of Freedom and I am going to Eat like I am on Death Row

 While today I did hesitate a little, I didn’t stand in the bathroom nearly as long trying to take the shot. :) I was actually wondering if I should be giving myself a shot while so tired and incoherent since I do the shot before I come to work in the morning and that is EARLY.
So today is my second and last “eat whatever” day and knowing that I will not be able to have some of my favorite things, come tomorrow, has made me go a little crazy. I think I have stopped at every Starbucks that I have passed and I am REALLY looking forward to getting BBQ with some friends tonight.
I have to admit BBQ is a weakness of mine. You can’t beat a rack of ribs and a glass of sweet tea. …Yeah, as I watch these words being typed across the screen, I find myself reminded of how I got myself in this position.

PS. Here is a picture of my last meal :) I did it up right!


The REAL Diet Starts

I took a whole laundry basket of food to my friend’s house last night so it wasn’t around and so that it didn’t go to waste. Today, I packed a lunch box and headed to work. I could tell a difference in my appetite just from eating breakfast in the morning. I was hungry but not because I wasn’t eating throughout the day, in fact I don’t typically eat that much, but I could tell that my appetite kicked in from eating breakfast. I typically get busy and don’t eat anything, which has killed my metabolism.
I found out that I like those bread sticks that I get for snacks. That is good. I apparently grabbed a can of tuna that was soaked in oil so that was not going to work. Luckily, Pablo had a can of tuna in his office. I’m just figuring it out.
It is interesting to sit down and keep a food journal. I am realizing what I eat and how many calories that is. Most of the time I would praise myself for eating any vegetables, I never thought of one vegetable as healthier than another or even thought about the calories in fruits, vegetables or meats.


OK, I Cheated a Little

I am really excited because while it is tougher than I thought, I am seeing results. I think it is the results that are holding me to this because I am not going to lie, it is tough. I have never been on a diet before and I am realizing that I never restricted myself. I am TOTALLY aware of things now, like how much I would eat just because I want something sweet when I was at home (mostly ice cream) and how much I ate that I didn’t need. I am definitely getting over a sugar addiction that I didn’t even know I had. I like desert and all but wouldn’t say that I am a “sweets” person but I am realizing how much sweet stuff I ate and how much I crave it.

I thought the weekend, or when I am home, would be easier because I wouldn’t have to plan as much but I found that the down time is really hard. I went to the beach the other day and packed myself a little cooler. Being out of the house and away from the “I’m bored eating” did help. I did, however, get a little sun while I was out. I don’t know how much lotion affects the HCG since they say NO OILS but I did use some. I was feeling a little crunchy.
Then I had to get ready to make an appearance at a fundraising event for a local charity. I figured that the event wouldn’t take long and that I would be able to eat when I got back…I was wrong. Apparently it was a dinner thing and went all night. Not a good day to be on a diet. They had nice food and I love food. But I did pretty well at behaving myself. They had meat and veggies so I stuck to that. I did mix veggies because I was a little embarrassed to have anyone see me taking that many cucumbers from the salad bar. :)

Lunch with Friends

I have realized a lot about how I view food while doing this diet. When my friends and I hang out, a lot of the time, it involves going out to lunch. I have always thought of eating out and food as being such a “social thing.” While we do do it socially, other people don’t care WHAT I eat. I am the one that cares what I eat. I am treating myself. My social life hasn’t suffered at all by being on this diet. And I am realizing just how much I was treating myself while being social and even when not being social. I did a lot of things like Starbucks runs as a pick me up to a bad or busy day, where it was about me treating me.


The Food is Actually Good

When I started the diet they gave me a cookbook with some ideas. There is a recipe that I wanted to share. This one is for a chili and I love it. I have been making a big batch of it and dividing it into Tupperware. Even people at work have popped in and asked what I was having because it smelled good. (That did make me feel good and less deprived) :) So here it is:
• Lean Hamburger
• 1 cup of chopped tomatoes
• ½ cup water (I sometimes used more so that I felt like I was eating more)
• 1 tablespoon minced onion
• 2 cloves of crushed garlic
• Pinch of garlic powder
• Pinch of onion powder
• 1-4 teaspoon chili powder
• Pinch of oregano
• Cayenne pepper to taste
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Brown the meat
Throw in the ingredients and let simmer

Oh, also a little tip…STAY AWAY FROM THE RANCH. We are allowed to have this specific brand of dressings because they are zero calorie and fat free. They told me the ranch was bad but since I liked the other ones and I like ranch, I thought I would give it a try anyway. Yeah, not again. Stay away from the Ranch. I tell you this because I care.


My First Follow-Up Appointment

 So I had my first follow up appointment. I went in and they went over my food journal with me and then took my measurements. I was nervous but the results gave me a needed boost. When I started I was (oh this is weird to say my weight) 165.2. Now I am 154 (but that is cool). They measured my chest, waist, abs, glutes, thighs, calves, arms, and neck. Over all I lost 9.75 inches. I mean, I could see and feel a difference, but wow. Michelle held the measuring tape around my stomach with what I was the week before and to see the difference was amazing.


I Can’t Have My Cake and Eat it Too!

I hope that I am doing the diet right. I think I am measuring things correctly. I am a little bummed that I am a little stuck on my weight loss. I had one day at the same weight and today I went up a pound. I don’t know. It does make the effort a lot harder. When I see the results on the scale each morning, it gives me the boost that day to stick to it. It’s just a little bit of a blow. At least the diet is a lot easier at work. I am so busy that I really don’t have time to think about food so when I get the meals and snacks, it is a welcomed break rather than something that I have been waiting for.
BJ, the station’s Business Impact Partner guy, was in the office today. He also did HCG. It was nice to be able to talk to him and ask him questions, especially because of my weight loss rut. I thought that it would be easy the first week because I would be excited about it and that it would get harder as I lost excitement or got sick of the routine. I was surprised that it was so hard right off the bat and questioned if I could stick to it. BJ told me that the first week is always the hardest and that is gets easier. He told me some things that he did that made it easier and some recipes that he liked. I’ll give those a try and let you know.
I am noticing how much food is always around. Doughnuts and then someone brings in cookies for everyone and all of that. Now that I have for the most part gotten over the sugar addiction, I am not tempted but I am noticing how much it is around. Today was a co-worker’s birthday so we all know that means cake and that one taunted me a little. It looked so good.


The Fizz Disaster

So I am allowed to have this fizz stuff. It is sort of like the crystal light packets where you put them in a bottle of water but these taste like orange soda and are an energy boost. I tried it for the first time today. It didn’t go well.
I had my bottle of water and put it in but it instantly started fizzing. It started over-flowing and since I was at the office and didn’t want to get it all over I put my mouth over the bottle. That was definitely my second bad idea. It continued to fizz. It had no other place to go but up my nose. I’ll try it again tomorrow but the experience might have ruined it for me. I’ll be sneezing orange carbonation for a while and I don’t think our awesome secretary will ever be the same.


Just Like Apple Pie and the Best Intentions

So I finally tried this one thing that BJ said that he loved and it is AMAZING. Take an apple (I skin it because the skin cooks weird) and then cube it. Put it in a bowl with a packet of truvia, a little water, cinnamon and sometimes allspice and those sorts of things. Microwave it for a couple minutes. AMAZING. It is like apple pie and is a GREAT night time sweet treat.
Well I found out today that I have to go out of town for work. I don’t know how this is going to work with me not having a kitchen and having to eat out. I don’t want to be the person in a restaurant with all these changes to their order and all of that so I don’t know what I am going to do. I asked at my last appointment and they said get a chicken Caesar salad with no… anything, just the chicken and lettuce and then ask for balsamic. We’ll see. I am packing a cooler of food and hitting the road with the best intentions.


Out the Window

So yeah…those good intentions didn’t get me too far. I started out pretty well. I got there and we had dinner. I had a steak and veggies and it still fit within the diet. Then this morning I had a breakfast meeting. There was NOTHING on the menu that fit. It was all eggs and carbs. And it went downhill from there. My boss, Jeff, and a co-worker were shocked that I had never had a 7-Eleven slurpy…so we got some. I am going to be in trouble. I am getting ready to head back home and am going to work out to ease my guilt.


I Need A Second Wind

 I need to find that second wind to carry me through.  With my trip, I have got off track and need to get back on which isn’t easy since I am craving more normal food. Things like a salad or a sandwich. I think that it is funny that the things I think about now are salad and not pizza. I like eating healthy now, just ready for it to fit into my life a little easier. There are a lot of things that I will continue to do that I learned from this diet. I always used to cook with oil and since I can’t have oil now I have just been putting broth in the pan to cook the meat and I can’t tell a difference at all. I realize how important it is to eat many times a day and really enjoy that now. Even though I have had a rough past couple of days, I feel like I have set better habits. Oh ya, and to top it off Pablo brought in chocolate covered bacon today. That should help me in my vest for a second wind.

Treat Myself

I thought to get myself back on track I would treat myself with something that fit within the HCG diet so today I bought and cooked my first steak. I can’t tell you how good it was. Apparently I can cook a mean, and I mean MEAN, steak. :)
Besides the treat for myself today, I think the trick of why it is getting easier as time goes on is because I am getting into a routine. The times that I have cheated or had a hard time, I have gotten out of that routine. I apparently thought about food more than I thought I did. I would think about what I was going to have for lunch when I was at work or during the show. Once I had lunch, my thoughts turned to dinner. With the HCG diet I have had to plan and pack my meals so there is nothing to think about. At this time, eat this. It is pretty simple. It seems funny to say but I feel freed by it. I feel like food doesn’t have a power over me. It’s a power that I didn’t even know it had, but it did.

Water…I get it.

I have come to the conclusion that I have NEVER drank this much water in my life. I don’t think I would even know if I was hungry because it is masked by the feeling of having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I also think that is why they tell you that you don’t have to focus on exercise; they know you’ll be up from your desk A LOT during the day. I am definitely getting my walking in.
I find, to get all 8 servings of water in, I have to have deadlines. I’ll sip away at a water bottle but if that deadline comes and I am still working on it, it is time to chug.
Since a water bottle is 2 servings of water, I try to have one done by the end of the morning show. I try to drink another water bottle by 2pm. The other two I drink at home. It is working for me. I feel better the days I get them all in.



Phone Number

(855) JOIN-HCG (564-6424)


5550 Glades Road, Suite 500 Boca Raton, FL


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